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free yoga project

Free Yoga Project was created out of pure love. Love for the practice and love for the community.


In March of 2020 the whole world came to a halt...

The collective energy was one of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. For some of us deep wounds came to surface as we sat and watched a pandemic unfold right before our eyes.


During this frantic time of uncertainty, while everything was closing down, Free Yoga Project was born. Through the leadership of Robin Appel Maida, the support of Nicole Amodio and the creativity of Jude Levy, the website we created became a place for students to land safely with community and their mat.

I intend to honor Free Yoga Project. I would like to help those who are struggling financially to have a safe place to explore mindful movement, meditation and breath work.


​With that being said, if you would like to be considered as a scholarship candidate for yoga classes, please fill out the information below so that we can connect and get into a class as soon as possible.

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