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12 archetypes

The word “archetype” comes from two words Arche (start, beginning, principle, origin) and typos (imprint, form, species, kind.)  This term can be translated as ‘first imprint’ or ‘original pattern’.


Plato believed that archetypes are embedded into our soul prior to birth. All things that have a physical manifestation, according to Plato, can attribute their source to an archetype. His journey helped bring light that there are two realities; the world we live in and the non-physical realm where the form exists. 

In modern times, psychologist Carl Jung, enlightened us about archetypes. He viewed archetypes as the building blocks or fundamentals of the human mind. 

Jung used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He identified 12 universal, mythic characters archetypes reside within our collective unconscious.This range is an overview of human motivations. Each of us tends to have a dominant personality, Understanding the archetype and each's shadow will serve as tools for you inner child healing work. 

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