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Trainings & Workshops

We are constantly evolving and bringing in new modalities of trainings and workshops.

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200 HR Yoga Teacher Training


The training covers:

8 Limbs of Yoga
6 Type of Adjustments
Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology
Asana Labs for 109 Poses
Business Management
Chanting and Mantras

Contact Yoga
Human Energy and Chakra System
Injury Management
Personality Development and Coping Addictions
Prenatal Yoga

Restorative Yoga
Sequencing Around Injuries
Teaching Methodology
Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Yin Yoga
Yoga Philosophy

300 HR Yoga Teacher Training


Delve deeper into your own practice and enhance your skills as a yoga teacher with our advanced 300hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).  This training is designed for students to go at their own pace to assist them in defining and developing their unique teaching style. 

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Yin Yoga Training


Yin yoga is the perfect way to teach us how to find our edge both on and off the mat. As human beings we may have a hard time settling into stillness and we tend to avoid any sensation that brings us discomfort at any cost. The practice of yin helps us with deal with both. Yin poses or rather shapes of the body targets our connective tissue giving us the opportunity to find deep flexibility. This practice is a perfect complement for any active practice. 

Join us in this training and learn:

  • What is Yin Yoga

  • History of YIn

  • Benefits of Yin

  • Principles of Yin

  • How to Sequence Yin

  • Difference between Restorative and Yin

  • Intro to Meridiens

  • Principles in sequencing and teaching Yin

Yoga Nidra Training


Yoga Nidra, a.k.a. the psychic sleep, is an ancient meditation technique.  When we practice Yoga Nidra, our brain waves slow down so that we can connect the space between our conscious and subconscious mind.  Tapping into that space gives us the tools we need to not only overcome obstacles; mental, spiritual, and physical, but it brings us closer to the understanding of our true nature.

Join us in this training and learn:

  • History and Philosophy or Yoga Nidra

  • States of Consciousness

  • Types of Sleep

  • Creating a Successful Yoga Nidra Practice

  • Leading You Nidra effecrtively

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Restorative yoga Training


Join us in this medicinal training and learn:

  • The basics of restorative yoga

  • Benefits of restorative yoga

  • Physiology of relaxation

  • How to effectively and efficiently use props and poses

  • Sequencing to incorporate restorative poses in a vinyasa class

  • How to teach a full restorative practice

  • The importance and juiciness of savasana

This training is appropriate for:

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Classroom Educators

  • Parents

  • Anyone and everyone with a pulse!

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