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Image by Sandeep Kr Yadav


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  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • E-RYT 500

  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Certified Color Therapist

  • Clinical Yoga Specialist

  • Shadow Worker

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Yoga Teacher Trainer with Always-At-Aum 

Welcome to Illuminate the Shadow.


My name is Jude. I am forever a student and I trust the Universe. I am grateful for all that has brought me to where I am today. I created this site so that I can honor and share the gifts that come with knowledge and tools needed to facilitate your path for deep healing.


My love affair with yoga started in my twenties. 

I will never forget how I felt the first time I took savasana (final rest) after an active yoga practice. I experienced a feeling of bliss through my body. I couldn't believe how one hour of my day could yield such euphoria.


When times got tough, I began to allow the yoga mat to be the place I get rid of all of my frustrations, disappointments and challenges. I looked forward to landing on my mat and enjoyed seeing the positive changes in my life not just physically but most importantly mentally.


For the 5 years I had the amazing experience of running and managing a yoga studio. With that came the pleasure of guiding amazing students, training other teachers and writing my own curriculum. I am currently enrolled in a yoga therapy training to further my ability to help those who need it the most.


My classes offer the exploration of mindful movement, breathing techniques and yoga philosophy so that you can tap into the inner light that is waiting to shine.


Love & Light

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