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The Shadow


Is it just me or

Shadow work has shown up & I’m not gonna lie; last couple of days I have been struggling with 3D thinking…🤑

Today I felt homesick for connection to higher self 🤑 - clear sign I need an adjustment.

I visited my yoga mat, the Chiropracter, an enneagram session and a guided meditation in

preparation for the Akashic Records

I felt guilty all day that I wasn’t doing anything work related and how do I spend money on myself when I’m unemployed. When are you going to get a job ? How are you going to have enough money to be back in your own home 🏡

Fears of what if we go into another lockdown? Not to mention the other unsettling pieces of information I caught wind of about the state of the world 🌎

What does joy feel like ?

I knew the only way to get assurance was to speak to my

Higher Self

She had a lot to say

It’s so easy to forget that the shadow shows up and challenges you to healing. That there is no more bypassing any trigger.

I’m learning that it only takes a little over abundance of low vibrational exposure to knock me on my ass.

(For now)

and as I make my most valiant effort to stay in balance while in a human body- I never feel it’s enough or that I’m not healing ❤️‍🩹 fast enough

I don’t give myself enough credit

& My body is definitely exhausted

and the guides let me know

We are here to break the chains of systemic trauma .

This is a warrior job

We are here to vibrate love and change the ripple

We are here to ascend

We have to metabolize the big T’s and the Little T’s

We can’t rush the universe

We just need to trust


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