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Snow White and the Apple

'I woke up content this morning, even after a wild night of sleep or lack thereof. I noticed how peaceful I felt the minute my feet hit the floor. Hmmm....where is this coming from in the middle of a Panorama? That of course was my first question, but I quickly understood from exactly where this comes.

Last night I had given myself a Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual. So what does this magical evening look like you ask? So excited to share.

A self taught yin yoga class with a dash of restorative on an edible. A Healing Crystal Sound Bath, a self massage and a long juicy meditation. After all that goodness I filled up my glass mason jar for my moon water and grabbed my new crystal babies from @RomeosRocks to bring into our brand new fairy garden. Special shout out to my 4 year old niece for holding it down and making it look pretty. I never knew that I wanted a fairy garden until now and if you don't have one...I highly recommend it.


Fairy Garden Supplies and Inspiration


So you see, I went to bed knowing how connected to source I was. Now that it was all cleared up in my head, I decided that I was going to mindfully choose myself first. Self Love was the mission and I DESERVE IT!

So I made my morning coffee thinking immediately how grateful I am to have food, a home, clothing and YES COFFEE I stepped outside and was welcome with a sunny breezy warm day (my version of perfection) Standing barefoot in the slightly wet grass, I closed my eyes for a moment to acknowledge the present moment. I promised myself to embody this exact sensation whenever I needed it.

When I opened my eyes in came the cardinals, blue jays, finches, squirrels and a new friend to our backyard a Skink Lizard. I am not going to lie I thought to myself Holy Shit this is what Snow White feels like.

Every weekday morning at 11am my soul sister Robin Appel Maida and I host a room on the new popular app Clubhouse (Click Here to Join Now). It's my triple shot of espresso of good vibes. So right around 10:45am I grab my phone and my airpods and get in the hammock with my oracle cards.

After enjoying the room, I shut off the phone to get ready for the beach. And a little bell goes off saying maybe we actually "get ready" today. In comes the flat iron, a fancy tank top and harem pants and my pink oversized rose colored sunglasses

I then take a long look in the (magic) mirror and say to myself "you look beautiful" (Also thinking, I may be on to something here.)

I get into the car I manifested and at the first red light is a homeless man. I pull out the $3 I had in my console and just as he is grabbing it through the window I hear


the car behind me is leaning on his horn. I notice my blood is starting to boil.

<Insert Trigger> Fired Up Anger Emotion/Feeling

I reacted quickly with a few choice words that definitely included cursing. The light turns green and I step on the peddle with all that anger.

What do I hear next? ahhhh the crystal glasses in my back seat breaking.

SHIT, I got off intention and alignment.

I consciously and immediately refocus, recalibrate and decided to put it to the side to look at later (hello, shadow, I see you)

I arrive at the beach with my mom, her friend a bottle of Fiji Water and an Italian sub (extra vinegar) from WaWa YUMMMMM.

I grab my Tommy Bahama beach chair and begin mindfully eating. I am literally enjoying each and every single bite. Taste buds are savoring that tang only vinegar can bring. I look up for a moment and there are over 3 dolphins jumping up and down in the inlet. I realize I am back in alignment.

It's time for a walking meditation with my current favorite song... Aurora

My feet are absorbing the warmth and the texture of sand, I am immediately drawn to step inside of the water so I make may way to the line where the ocean meets the sand. Grateful for the feeling in the moment. I am at my favorite place... the beach. I wonder how I can store this sensation to memory whenever I am having a rough day.

Walk 10 Feet

Look Down: One feather,

Keep walking: Two feathers, Three Feathers, Four

<Insert Internal Smile>

I send a pic of a white feather to my soul brother Phil Maida so he knows his mom is always with him.

I begin to gravitate towards the large rocks full of green moss and as I look closer I see a man sitting on the sand in anjali mudra (prayer hands) and wow does he have a beautiful aura.

Question? Do I dare go over and say hello to him

Ego says NO are you crazy

Soul says YES

My opening line from over 20 feet away..."Do you practice yoga?"

His answer..."When my body says so, Yes"

Yep, I found a soul to communicate with YAY me.

After a few "awkward" moments, we share our name. His is Apple.

Apple and I spent about 1/2 hour exchanging words about everything I love to talk about; Spirituality. His words reflected my share earlier that morning in Clubhouse

The conversation was as easy as the flow of the ocean. I took 3 large mindful breaths and closed my eyes. He did the same.

I can tell it is almost time to end our conversation but I see a healing crystal gemstone necklace around his neck and there is a beautiful feather pendant on it. I ask permission to take a pic...he obliges with joy, because he was the one who made it.

As we stood up, he looked at me and said..."Would you be okay if I gave you a hug"

Not a moment of hesitation goes by and I am embraced in a encompassing hug from Apple. Before we left, I ask to exchange insta info so we could watch each other through social media. We left in agreement we are indeed connected. We are all connected.

I walk back toward my mom excited to share the news on all that I found on my walk.

Note to self: Hugging is amazing, I miss it and and I want more of it. What do I want in a life partner, and all the thoughts of being in a relationship comes flooding in. Flashbacks of past relationships swirl and I ask myself why I chose the ones I did. What are the lessons and how can I bring myself one step closer to being with another human in a healthy loving way. The truth is I want the fairy tale ending.

Shadow: Let's talk about it

Soul: Not today SATAN

Also Soul: okay later

Mantra: I am Worthy of Love

I am not sure if you have ever heard of Enneagram work, but it's been a huge part of my healing process. I immediately need to know what Enneagram number Snow White represented. #enneagramcoach Robin sends me this...

"Today I am

Snow White

and this Apple

was not of poison

but full of love and light."

Fairy Tales exist.


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