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New Moon in Taurus 2021

New Moon In Taurus, 21º17’

  • Weekday: Tuesday – Mars Day

  • Element: Earth

  • Moon’s Ruler: Venus

This Taurus New Moon will give us a chance to take some necessary steps towards deepening our sense of personal security and our commit to personal goals.

Are you ready?

The birth of this new lunar cycle in the sign of Taurus will give us a chance to evaluate how we can create more stability and security in our lives. We will also be encouraged to manifest around those themes.

New Moon in Taurus on May 11th brings an opportunity for us to set intentions around personal security (what makes us comfortable, safe or grounded), our relationship with money and finally, our relationship with pleasure.


  • When am I most comfortable, safe and grounded?

  • How do I create this feeling for myself more consistently?

  • How can I improve my relationship with abundance?

  • How can I incorporate more pleasure in my life?

Write down your answers to these questions and then write some intentions around them. Pen to paper is a really effective way to co-create with the universe during a new moon.

We cannot be too rigid or too loose with what we wish to manifest under this new moon. We have to set the intention, make a plan and then leave room for the universe to update or alter the plan a bit. Circumstances where there might be rules or limits we didn’t notice before may occur, but just remember there is always another way. Adjustment is just a part of this beautiful life journey!

Crystals for the New Moon-

Romeo’s Rocks is my favorite place to score my crystal babies

Tigers Eye: grounding, stability

Amazonite: good luck, fortune

Carnelian: focus, balance

Citrine: abundance, wealth

Red Garnet: commitment, trust

Rose Quartz: universal love

Peach Moonstone: intuition, fertility

Quartz Point: activator

Self Care

Putting yourself first is the ultimate form of self care, and the new moon in Taurus of 2021 urges you to break out of any devaluing and limiting situations with its connection to rebellious Uranus in Taurus.


  • I am abundant in every way

  • I am a prosperous and secure in all aspects of my life.

  • I attract abundance with grace and ease

Tarot Spread

Want your sun sign horoscope for this New Moon

Enjoy some self love and nurturing. It's a great day to enjoy nature and prepare for all your manifestations to come to life.

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