I Survived Mother's Day Weekend

I went to bed last night saying to myself how PROUD I am of ME.

I made it through the holiday weekend without collapsing into any of of the

10000 triggers available

Yay Me! I Did It!

Zero Explosions (I am an Enneagram 8, this is a BIG DEAL)

I even went to bed without watching a single TikTok

I WOKE UP this morning and I was exhausted. So before my feet could even hit the floor my thinking mind takes over and here we go... BRING THE ACTION

Nope, not me going over the play by play of all the triggers and imprints that surfaced over the last 3 days. I mean hello, after a tremendous amount of inner child healing and shadow work, this holiday is THE ONE. The mother of all holidays.

It's completely okay that your god daughter/niece just graduated college and she was literally in diapers like a year ago.

We can also put aside, I have my period during peri-menopause and the New Moon in Taurus energy is HIGH VIBES.

Bed is literally calling me back and

rather loudly I might add

but was I really expecting anything less?


Your niece is on the couch and you literally can hang out with her all day. I had dreamt of days like this. I haven't had my morning cup of coffee; the thoughts are not fully awake yet, so I am thinking I have time to turn this around.

3 sips of coffee

Nope, I am exhausted.

Yep, let me go through all the ways I have failed my ego's version of what my life is supposed to look like. Oh this is getting juicy. There is the less resourceful 8 I know and love.

Soul Chimes In...

"You Need To Breathe"

I spend the next 11 minutes finding present moment

looking out the window watching the blue jays and the cardinals