Life with Charlie Brown

I hate feeling sorry for myself. Yet I still manage to have a tremendous amount of inner dialogue about how everyone I know that exists on this planet is having a better life than me. (Total BS)

This by the way also somehow translates to my life sucks.


God do I hate that, every single thing about it. How dare I feel that way. Programming leads me straight away to… “There are so many people out there suffering, be thankful for what you have” “there are people living on the streets with no food, you could have been living a life homeless” “you have so much and others have so little”

New mood: shame and guilt


I know my life doesn’t suck when I compare it to others. There are so many people that have It worst than me. Wait, hold on…comparing myself to others is what landed me in this place to begin with. Well at least I know where I am.


I don’t know why all of a sudden I am channeling Charlie Brown, but here he is playing a role. What would Charlie Brown do? I have zero clue so I squirreled to find the top lessons of Charlie Brown, which of course I am going to share with all of you. Here’s what resonated for me, how about you?

Lesson 1

Know your value.

Lucy reminds us that we don’t owe anybody anything. Lucy didn't hand out free advice, because she knew the value of her time and wisdom. Lucy self-confidence tried to teach us to value ourselves.

Lesson 2

Feel free to ruminate through the big questions.

Charlie Brown and Linus weren’t afraid to dive into the big questions about life that some adults may have not yet asked. This is your reminder that it’s okay to think about the big things, just don’t get stuck there.

Lesson 3

It’s okay to be quiet.

Schroeder rarely speaks, Lucy loves him for it. His ability to get wrapped up in his music seems admirable. Your value as a companion should not be entangled with how much of a chatterbox you are. Words are impactful, sounds like mindful speaking to me.

Lesson 4

Embrace the power of your imagination.

Snoopy’s gift was absolutely his vivid imagination and ability to create his own fun whenever he needed it. Keeping our mind open to pos