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Ancestral Trauma

exploring the ancestral shadow

Ancestral shadow work is a process for revealing hidden dynamics and loyalties within a family so that they can be observed, acknowledged and understood. This approach allows the family system in a three dimensional format form a unique perspective that can help to heal dysfunctional emotional and energetic connections.

Participating in a Family Constellation workshop can help release unhealthy habits, patterns, anxiety, anger and depression. The process itself uncovers patterns and dynamics that are often at the cause of financial inconsistency, addiction, relationship issues and health problems. Most importantly, a Family Constellation workshop is a container for completion and healing – empowering you to disengage from unconscious loyalties and freeing them to connect with family strengths.

No prior experience or knowledge is necessary to participate in a Family Constellation workshop, and everyone can benefit from the experience. We offer both private and group work.  

spiritual coaching, yoga, meditation, healing

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